Toys For Hearing Or Vision Impaired Kids

Kids who have hearing or vision impairment find it more difficult to play some of the same games that other kids play. They also have a hard time when playing with certain toys.

There are plenty of games and toys you can invest in that will help kids with impairments to be able to learn and have fun at the same time. Tobbles are little spheres that come in packs of six.

Kids can balance and stack them any way they please. They are brightly colored, which makes it better for the vision impaired. They are weighted and have two different textures.

Tobbles are great for kids to learn about different colors as well as size sequencing. They help teach kids patience as well as improve motor skills. LEGO Duplo is another colorful toy you will want to invest in.

LEGO Duplo helps to teach kids their sizes, colors and shapes with all the different blocks and scenes. You can buy several of these and each one is unique with different scenes including, my first fire station, my first garden, and my first circus.

The blocks can be put together by two or more people but can also be put together by one kid. The toy promotes imaginative play, but does not involve a lot of talking.

For kids that are hearing impaired, there is a great set of sign language letters that can help them to be able to master sign language. WonderFoam Magnetic Sign Language Letters have red vowels and blue consonants. They can be used by kids as young as three.

Silly Faces Magnetic Fun sets allow kids to make faces using the different characteristics included in each tin that you purchase. They can create faces with mustaches, glasses, hats, noses and more.

The Learning Journey Learn with Me Color Fun Fish Bowl has two different modes that are great for visually impaired kids. This toy teaches your kid colors through sound. When a kid puts the colorful fish into the fishbowl, the bowl announces the color.

Another great toy is the Learning Journey Count & Learn Cookie Jar. This toy has two modes that will teach kids about their numbers. This speak aloud toy lets kids learn counting skills. It enables them to sharpen their problem-solving skills.

LeapFrog Letter Factory Phonics is great for visually impaired kids. This toy comes with all the letters of the alphabet and each of the letters sings its name as it is put into the letter factory. This teaches kids phonics and helps them to learn letters based on feeling the shape of the letter.

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